This bundle of treasures from Isis Aquarian’s Source Family archives includes rare music, meditations and never-before-seen footage:

  • An alternate opening for The Source Family documentary featuring family home movies that don’t exist in the final film.

  • Two music tracks released between 1973-74 through the Source Family’s limited-run private Higher Key label: “I Can Read Your Mind” off the album All or Nothing at All by family band Father Yod and the Spirit of 76 and “Two” from the record I’m Gonna Take You Home by Ya Ho Wa 13 (other tracks available soon on the forthcoming film soundtrack from Drag City).

  • Two selections from Father Yod’s morning meditation classes on the nature of the soul vs. the “animal” in man and the mystical powers and proper use of the “sacred herb.”


  • – Jodi Wille and Maria Demopoulos, Directors of The Source Family