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Read the cult-classic book that inspired the film. Written by Isis Aquarian and Electricity Aquarian and edited by director Jodi Wille.

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screenings & Events


May 1-30

New York City, NY

IFC Center

May 2-19

San Francisco, CA

Roxie Cinema

May 3-16

Seattle, WA

SIFF Film Center

May 10-16

Dallas, TX

Texas Theater

May 10-16

Los Angeles, CA


May 11

Philadelphia, PA

International House Philadelphia

May 12-13

Santa Monica, CA

Laemmle’s Monica 4-plex

May 10-16

Asbury Park, NJ

The Showroom

May 10-23

Boston, MA

Coolidge Corner

May 10-16

San Jose, CA

Camera 3 Downtown

May 11-12

Santa Monica, CA

Laemmle’s Monica 4-plex

May 11-12

Pasadena, CA

Laemmle's Playhouse 7

May 11-12

Claremont 5

Laemmle's Claremont 5

May 10-12

Dallas, TX

Texas Theatre

Sat, May 11

Philadelphia, PA

International House Philadelphia

May 13

West Hollywood, CA

Soho House

May 15-16

Ft. Collins, CO

Lyric Cinema Café

May 15-16

Columbia, MO

Ragtag Cinema

May 17-23

Houston, TX

Sundance Cinemas

May 17-23

Salt Lake City, UT

Tower Theatre

May 17-23

Santa Fe, NM

Center for Contemporary Arts

May 17-23

Tulsa, OK

Circle Cinema

May 17-23

Miami, FL

O Cinema

May 17-23

Bellingham, WA

PFC's Limelight Cinema

May 17-30

Nashville, TN

Belcourt Theatre

May 19-20

Austin, TX

Alamo Drafthouse - Ritz

May 17-19

Nevada City, CA

Nevada Theater

May 17-19

Phoenix, AZ

Film Bar

May 20

Jacksonville, FL

Sun-Ray Cinema

May 22

Bloomington, IA

Indiana University Cinema

May 24-30

Albany, NY

Spectrum 8

May 24-30

Providence, RI

Cable Car Cinema

May 31

Portland, ME

SPACE Gallery

May 31

New York, NY

Soho House

May 24-June 2

Bend, OR

Tin Pan Theater

May 31-June 6

Montreal, QC

Cinema du parc

May 31-June 6

Denver, CO

Sie FilmCenter

May 31-June 6

Columbia, SC

Nickelodeon Theatre

Wed, June 5

Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Museum of Art

June 7-9

Pittsburgh, PA

Cinema Center

Sat, June 8

Ann Arbor, MI

State Theater (Cinetopia)

Sun, June 9

Detroit, MI

Detroit Institute of the Arts

June 7-13

Omaha, NE

Film Streams

June 14-20

Chicago, IL

Music Box Theatre

June 14-20

Hartford, CT

Reel Art Ways

June 14-20

Ft. Wayne, IN

Cinema Center

June 14-27

Eugene, OR

Bijou Metro

June 15-19

Albuquerque, NM

Guild Cinema

June 17-18

Columbia, MO

Ragtag Cinema

June 22, 25-27

Oakland, CA

New Parkway

Sat, July 6

Palm Springs, CA

Ace Hotel

Sat, July 13

Columbus, OH

Gateway Film Center

Thu, July 18

Stockholm, Sweden


Thu, July 18

Tuscon, AZ

The Loft

Sat, July 20

Topanga, CA

Topanga Film Festival

Thu, Aug 8

San Diego, CA

Museum of Photographic Arts

Thu, Sept 19

Memphis, TN

Brooks Museum of Art


Temple M, Harlem


  • •Dinner, music, and conversation in a converted church in Harlem
  • •Special guests Isis Aquarian and Electricity Aquarian
  • •Dinner of original Source recipes by Chef Anne Apparu and David Nuss
  • •Projected imagery from Source Family archives
  • •Original Source Family music curated by David Nuss (of No Neck Blues Band and Sabbath Assembly) and performed by Matt Sweeney, Sophia Knapp, Spencer Yeh, Rachel Mason, Damon McMahon and Amen Dunes, Gordon Roecker, and the improv group Georgia


Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn


  • Featuring never-before-seen home movies public access clips from The Source Family archives and discussion with family archivist Isis Aquarian, Electricity Aquarian, and directors of the Source Family Doc Maria Demopoulos and Jodi Wille


Body Actualized Center, Brooklyn


  • •5 pm: Workshops with Electricity Aquarian teaching Source Family white magic rituals and “keys”
  • •7 pm: Source Family pop-up restaurant by chef Anne Apparu
  • •Soundtrack listening party as dinner is served
  • •9 pm: live music with very special guests


IFC Center, West Village, New York


  • Directors Maria Demopoulos, Jodi Wille and archivist Isis Aquarian and Electricity Aquarian will be present for Q&A


press left imgs
“…mind-blowing in the extreme.”
“…a perfect mix of ingredients for an exceptionally compelling documentary…"
“....a surreal – and sometimes
painfully wide-eyed – glimpse at
that moment in history before irony killed the hippie.”
“...engrossing...a great feat..."
“...outrageously spaced out drama..."
“Anyone who’s ever had even the
smallest bit of interest in cults
and/or group mentality should find
an abundance of gold in the new
documentary The Source, from gifted
filmmakers Jodi Wille and Maria Demopoulos.”
“Unearthing a decent sample of these former members, as well as a wealth of archival film and photographs, the directors elicit testimony that’s diversely sharp, spacey, nostalgic and heartbreaking."
“This magnetic pop-history memorial has everything: free sex, celebrity, psychedelic rock, polygamy and beyond."
“A captivating look at what had to be the most earnest (and most photogenic) cult of the 1970s."
“...a strange and beautiful parable about the rise, fall and surprisingly influential afterlife of a '60s love cult."
“Such a pure expression of an archetypal 1970s psychedelic subculture that it feels like an ornate and elaborate invention.”
“...a very agreeable entertainment."
“Beginning with a minute-and-a-half slow zoom into Yod's intense eyes, the movie does not pass judgment from 2013, but rather tries to show how it all made sense in 1973.”
“We know how this story is supposed to end, and yet we’re wrong about that…an oddly affirmative and sympathetic portrait of the disciples, if not the guru, during an era when many were casting about for alternative forms of spirituality.”
“THE SOURCE FAMILY is not a film about a cult — it is a fascinating attempt at humanizing those who have been a part of them.”
“A fantastic insider’s look into a common American phenomenon: the free love alternative utopian society.”
“Tells the story of the family's origin and demise using interviews with ex-members and a wealth of super 8 films and still-photos from the community itself…a fascinating, intimate and often startling film that explores the transition from utopia to cult without condescending to provide easy answers.”
“Skillfully composited from archival footage and interviews with both insiders and outsiders…Riveting.”
about image


The Source Family was a radical experiment in '70s utopian living. Their outlandish style, popular health food restaurant, rock band, and beautiful women made them the darlings of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip; but their outsider ideals and the unconventional behavior of their spiritual leader, Father Yod, caused controversy with local authorities. They fled to Hawaii, leading to their dramatic demise.

Years later, former family members surface and the rock band reforms, revealing how their time with Father Yod shaped their lives in the most unexpected ways.

THE SOURCE provides an intimate, insiders’ view at this incredible group of people through their own archival photos, home movies, audio recordings, and contemporary interviews with members of the family. Serving as a highly personal, insider’s guide to the counter-culture movement of the early 70’s, the film is inspired by the cult-classic book The Source: The Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wa 13, and The Source Family (Process Media) which was written by Isis Aquarian and Electricity Aquarian and edited by director Jodi Wille.




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